HAAN Agile Steam Mop SI-T40

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Rinser can clean every inch of folk with clean steam, the machine that rotates around the Smart Steam technology does not use any chemical is a clean, safe, friendly environment. Smart Steam technology can kill mold, bacteria, dust mites, up 99.99%. A steam nozzle head 15 to help spread the steam cleaner has a wide area and cause hot spots that you want to clean it. Do not use chemicals to kill sleev in ensuring the safety of children and pets. Removable water tank is easy to fill with water from the tap from the sink. With swivel connector for hard to reach areas. A pump's electronics that continuously fogging up automatically. A rug pad for disinfection and rejuvenate carpet with ultra-microfiber pad that can be reused on two discs. Heating early just 20 seconds
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