White Ichigo organic sleeping mask

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triple power of white ichgio beauty agent for whitening your skin and mouistureizing power. For the higher moisturizing effect at night with White Ichigo organic sleeping mask, can be used everyday with cherry sized and massage gently on your skin for the gel texture to deeply penetrate to rejuvenate your damaged skin during your sleep. the sleeping mask will help whiten your skin while healing the damaged skin cell that from sun and give moisturizing effect for anti-aging while you are sleeping. White Ichigo is white strawberry has only in Japan, the Japanese scientist found the mechanic that the ingredients in White Ichigo can prevent melanin from coming from surface. The natural technique that is clean and pure, make White Ichigo organic skincare one of the most effective in anti-aging and whitening skincare from Japan
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dimension : 5.5 x 5.5 x 6 cm