8 Miracles Erawan Reed Diffuser 100 ml.

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Rosemary and Cardamom, Bergamot , Nutmeg and Citronella Blend Scent . 8 Miracles Erawan Reed Diffuser is smoke, wax, mess, and flame free which is safer. The simple elegance of the reed diffuser design enhances the aesthetics of any room environment to suit all tastes and occasions. The reed diffuser releases a refreshing fragrance for months at a time and a reed diffuser can be placed almost anywhere, even the office. It also includes the natural reeds, ceramic cap and decorative flowers.

  • Remove cap and plug off the bottle. Insert the ceramic cap on the bottle.
  • Insert 4-6 reeds into the bottle and allow the sticks to absorb the oils for 6-8 hours ( or even overnight ).
  • Turn them over to expose oil moistened reeds to the air. The oil will continue to wick up the reeds and scent your room.
  • Turn stick occasionally two or three times a week to refresh the scent.
  • Keep away from flammable areas and out of direct sunlight.
  • Placing the reed diffuser in a location closer to where the people pass by, which will help moving the air past the reeds.
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