cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version -mini- 6000mAh

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Our charming little Power Plus DANBOARD version -mini- 6000 lets you see its power level by looking into its eyes.
[Battery type] Lithum-ion
  • [Battery capacity] 6000mAh

  • [Size/Weight] 74mm×48mm×33mm / 135g

  • [Input] 5V/1A max microUSB

  • [Output1] 5V/1A max USB

  • [Output2] 5V/2.1A max USB

  • [Accessories] microUSB cable/carrying pouch

  • [Special function] Eyes color indicates left battery
    (100%-67%: yellow, 66%-34%: orange, 33%-: red)

  • Usage Count: Approximately 500 times

  • Support Devices: Various tPhone/iPad , Micro USB Smartphones, tablets, game consoles, Wi-Fi routers, MP3 play

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    Product Type : Non Duty Free
    dimension : 3.4x 7.4 x 4.8