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You can purchase non-duty free products and choose delivery options, either:
- Pickup at the airport on your international flight departure date.
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- The Delivery Service to some of Northeast provinces of Thailand might delay due to the recent flooding.
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DENTISTE’ Nighttime Oral Care - "Give you a fresh morning kiss."

DENTISTE’ PLUS WHITE : Nighttime Herbeabutic Toothphaste
Dentiste' Nighttime Oral Care products are made with advanced dental technologies and powered with premium natural ingredients, 14 natural extracts, Xylitol, Vitmin C and other ingredients , which are specially formulated to inhibit night time oral bacteria that are the major cause of bad morning breath and tooth cavities.

• Direction
Brush thoroughly before going to bed or as directed by dentist can reduce and protect against nighttime bacteria and let you wake up with a fresh breath.

• Ingredients

14 Natural Herbal Extracts : Antisepic and antibacterial extracts effectively inhibit and control the growth of oral bacteria thus preventing gum disease and bad morning breath.
Xylitol : Natural sweetener that odour-producing bacteria cannot feed on thus reducing bacteria deposit on the teeth.
Stable Vitamin C : Antioxidant that protects cells damage and prevents gum disease.
CDX (Cyclodextrin Complex) : Trapping bad breath for the confidence of having longer fresh breath.
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