Door Jammer Portable Door Security Device

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The unique and innovative portable door security device ideal for anyone and everyone who needs a little peace of mind. Compact and highly portable. Perfect companion whether you are a staying home alone elderly, parent, frequent business traveler, young traveler, rentor, and especially those new to the foreign neighborhood.

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The unique and innovative portable door security device can be used by anyone and everyone that needs a little peace of mind. Thanks to our ingenious system of hinges and angles, the horizontal force being exerted on the door from the outside is converted into a vertical force maintaining the DoorJammer firmly onto the ground. This will slow the intruders down from quickly and easily entering your room by force and thus buy you some precious time to dial emergency contact number or call for help.
Highly compact and portable.
Only 250 grams approx. in weight and 6 x 3.6 x 12 cm. in size.
Whether you are a young traveler, a business traveler, a parent, or a grandparent the DoorJammer will make you feel safer.
The DoorJammer is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 12months.
More Information
Product Type : Non Duty Free
gender : Unisex
Country of Manufacturing : China
dimension : Approx. 6 x 3.6 x 12 cm.