Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Sculpting / Refinishing Dual Infusion 25ml

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At its heart, our exclusive Black Diamond Truffle Extract. One of the world's rarest treasures, now proven to have an astounding ability to promote skin's natural energy and vitality. Ingeniously blended with our most advnaced youth-sustaining technologies to achieve profound results.DUAL INFUSION. DRAMATIC INNOVATION.This breakthrough treatment combines two exquisite elixirs, sealed apart to preserve intense potency and then freshly activated as they blend together in one moment of pure power.In the golden vial, Black Diamond Truffle Extract, expertly enhanced with our most advanced youth-sustaining and lifting technologies. In the platinum. a high potency blend of rapid skin refinishers, preserved at peak concentration.When they combine, the results are nothing short of extraordinary. You'll notice the difference with just a touch: Skin feels softer, amazingly smooth and refined. Use the Dual Infusion every day for firmer skin that looks more lifted, more even-toned, more liminous - and noticeably younger.