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TUNG SAI THONG THAI HERBS -Thai Herbal Compress pad-Waist TT - 002

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Herbal Compress Tung Sai Thong, product from Phichit Province, was invented from the local wisdom on herbs and applied with traditional medicine textbooks, the community enterprise of Thung Sai Thong Thai Herbs Group. It becomes a quality product which is convenient and easy to use. Just put it in a microwave instead of steaming like a traditional herbal compress. "Thung Sai Thong Herbal Compress" is made from 8 kinds of herbs, consisting of tamarind leaves, kaffir lime skin, lemongrass, turmeric, plai, eucalyptus leaves, pandan leaves and nad leaves. It helps tp relieve pain in muscles and joints, solve the menstrual pain of women, relieve bruising and swelling muscle inflammation. Moreover, it stimulates the blood flow. With this high quality, "Thung Sai Thong Herbal Compress" received community product standard as a 5-star OTOP product of Phichit.

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