ERB Reed Diffuser Dazzling Spring Fleurfume 100 ml.

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Pear / Freesia
The designations to the season of rebirth, Pear and Freesia, dazzlingly combined together in order to procreate the Dazzling Spring Fleurfume Reed Diffuser, the scent and sense of revival. Where the music of birdsong is playing above the greenery made of grass and gentle leaves painted by blossoming floral, this is a perfumery field of eternal spring.
  • Place the reeds in the vase, flip the reeds, and let the room dispersed with vibrant scent and enjoy.

  • *No Animal Tested
    *Natural ingredients may cause color variations.
    Perfume blended with Essential Oils, Ethyl Alcohol
    ประเภทสินค้า : Non Duty Free
    แบรนด์ : ERB