Non-Duty Free

AMPHAN Hand Press Palm Seed Charcoal Deodorizer - OWL

135.00 THB
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Using a large amount of leftover palm kernel oil from the Mae Sot oil extraction process as the main source From the study found that Charcoal palm kernel charred at high temperatures to become activated carbon has a high odor absorption capability. The team took the outstanding properties of scrap materials to create added value by grinding into powder. Then molded by hand by local craftsmen to look beautiful and usable until there is no remaining material such as charcoal, palm kernel shaped stones, owls, timber, mortars, etc. that add charm to the interior. Home, also helping to absorb odors well. Important when the useful life is expired. Able to grind and mix with soil for growing crops. Amphan also produces work that extends traditional knowledge into new products that are in line with the lifestyles of the new generation.
Eligible for credit card instalment

Credit card instalment plan of each provider is subjective and the grand total is 10,000 THB or more. (Issued by Bank of Thailand)

How to place order and conditions

You can purchase non-duty free products and choose delivery options, either:
- Pickup at the airport on your international flight departure date.
- Home delivery service.
- Your order will be delivered within 1-7 working days (**Regarding the COVID-19 situation, your order will be delivered within 2-8 working days).

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