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INTHAI Silk Satin Scarf 90 x 90 cm -Malai

1,290.00 THB
Non-Duty Free (Blue Price Tag)Non-Duty Free (Blue Price Tag) is the product that includes import tax and value-added tax, which provides a variety of products to serve the lifestyle. Learn more
A scarf Inspired by Phuang Malai.The word “malai” means a flower garland. “Phuang” means “binding together” both of the garland itself and between the giver and receiver.Phuang Malai is a floral garland that is presented as a token of welcome, respect and good health to honoured guests, relatives and loved ones.

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Eligible for credit card instalment

Credit card instalment plan of each provider is subjective and the grand total is 10,000 THB or more. (Issued by Bank of Thailand)

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You can purchase non-duty free products and choose delivery options, either:
- Pickup at the airport on your international flight departure date.
- Home delivery service.
- Your order will be delivered within 1-7 working days (**Regarding the COVID-19 situation, your order will be delivered within 2-8 working days).

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