King Power | FAQs : Dutyfree purchase

Can I shop at King Power if I don’t have any overseas trips?

King Power welcomes everyone to our shop. If you want to buy duty free items but you are not making an overseas trip, you can ask your friend who is travelling abroad to buy them for you with the special privilege as a King Power member.

In addition, King Power also provides blue label items which you can take with you after the purchase. These items include electrical appliances, cameras, mobile phones, iPods, sport products, apparels, shoes, bags, toys, dolls, snacks, Thai silk products and spa products from leading brands. You can also enjoy our services at, among others, the Aksra Theatre and Ramayana Restaurant.

What are the conditions in buying King Power’s duty free products?

You simply show your passport, flight number, itinerary and King Power member card at the registration point. The items you shop will be ready for collection at the Pick – Up Counters in the departure lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport on your departure date.

If you travel with your agency or have a tentative schedule, you can purchase 60 days in advance. After your schedule is confirmed, please contact King Power Contact Centre at 1631 (Daily at 08.00 – 21.00 hrs.). We will prepare your shopping items at the Pick Up Counter near your gate. Please feel free to change your itinerary at the same phone number.

What if I purchase but cancel my flight?

You can contact King Power Contact Centre at 1631 during 8.00-21.00 hrs daily to cancel within 60 days after your purchase.

King Power reserves the right to charge 10% of the purchase amount as processing fee.

Should I buy King Power duty free products before departing from the country or after arriving in the country?

You can buy King Power products both ways. Please check the items available at the departure terminal and arrival terminal at our website